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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 12, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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today is uesday april 12tt.
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a suspect remains in the hospital this morning, after being ssot several times by baltimore city the suspect stole a gun and er
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trieddstealing a car.megan gilliland is liveewith more on how the neighborhood actually got involved in the chase. good mooning atrice,foo any of you in the fed hill area arrund one o'clock yesterday afternnon you probably saw or heard some of this go down.but the chase acutally started here.outside of this baak of america branch at light and cross street...pooice say a guard was standing outside, when a man walked up to her, attacked hee, stooe her gun pnd then took off. investigattrs say the suspect tried carjacking a woman, but failed...that's when he took off on foottrunning, ann throwinggoff his clothes, trying to chaage his appearance.he ran several blocks ... with neighbors and witnesses... all chasing him... alerting police along the way. finally &pofficers caught up with him along light street, near barney ssreet. that's where the suspect pulled the gun... that he took from the that, officers shht him,
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seedinggloud bangs ringing - through he streets. them, i think it was iie, it - was aybe more, i don't know.." (grahe) i seen him lying doon in the street, the one that they shht. but i don't know how the battleewent down, i really donnt knnw." &pknoo." agginn we do know the suspect is still at shock trauma this morning, in critical but stabll conditionn no officers were purt in the shooting.megan gilliland, fox44 morning news. another police-iivolved shootinn happened in carroll county... a littll after 6 last night state police were called to a eighborhood n hampstead... where theyyfound a woman, aamed with a gun.when she refused to ut downnthe gun... police shot her several times.she wasstaken to shock trauma and laaer died.there is no word on her condition this pmrning. homicides ii baltimore are up 13 percent from this time ... early monnaa morning... police found a man on south hanover street in souuh baltimore... he had been stabbed several times.he later
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... died at the hospital. 33 the 20-11 session of the maryland geeeral assembly is officially over .... nd as ohn rydell &pexplains... in the final hour ... lawmakers took accton oo two key issues. pssues.
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the battle over the alcohol tax increase comes to anneed. lawmakers voted to raise the tax from 6-percent to p-percent...and they agreed to make it haapen all at once... starting in july.but some eastern shore lawmakees aren't happy with the outcome at all. we haveetax free delaware bordering the district. it puts uu at a dissdvantage in into a season where olling - businesses need to make ome money. 3
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he does intend to sign the aacohol tax increase into law. baltimore may soon turn too private usinesses... to help pay the bills. at last night's ciiy council meeting, president jack young introduced a resolution to consider corporate sponsorssips as a way to close future budget gaps and maintainnservices... like &pkeeping rec centers open.ccty vehicles, buildings, aad even libraries could be sponsored. young says they''l work with a coomitteeeand attorneyssto make surr the plan is approppiate. < "we're not looking at nammng city hhll... we want something > one issue the committee would sponsors getting ax breaks or ooher incentives that ould another day ... another spike in as prices. por the past few weeks, but now we'rr at the highest levels in 30 months.... a whopping average of 3-78 a gall. gallon. but whhre joel d. smith is this morning in
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north baltimore, even that number lookk like a barggin. good morning joel d. good morning pptrice,, brace 3
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3 there s a 34 cent difference between the highest and lowest the shell on ltiiore waterloo road in ellicott city.... gallon of áregglará gas costs 3 dollars and 97 cent. cents....but if you cal fill up at the 77eleven on edgewood road in'll pay
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tt find the lowwst gas prices where you live ... check out fox baltimore dot com slash pump patrol. 3 another trong earthquake rattled japan early this morning. it's the second one in two days!in &pthe past month, tteenation ha had over 900 aftershocks all this as a nuclear crisis unfolds... aad as greg black the nuclear threat levvl to ed - the highest possible.
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radioactive iodine from japan's nuclear crisis... turns up innphiladelphia
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prinkinn water.the e-p-a ays the tessed water has some of the highest readingssof radiation in the -s.but it's still too ow to be a concern to the public... and experts don't want to mislead anyone into thinking it's a threat. "for those ho say this is safe limits theee is no safee limit, all radiation is harmful, even at the lowest dose." officials in the u-s are continuing to monntor -radiati fukushhma nuclear power plann. mitt romney is thhrwing his presidential id.he's setting up a committee.thh former massachusetts govvrnor is the fourth republican to do so. but... presiddet obama is the onny candidate in either party to officially announce a bid in the race. 3 getting voted off idol... is actually paying off for foomer contestant, pia oscano. toocano.--pia singg-- sings-- toscano was visibly
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upset as she sang her final song on the idol stage last week. but since thhn... things have been looking up. "us &weekly toscano wws offered a record contract ith interscope recorrs. and while inside sources say is expeeted to sign soon. these past couple of days have been o crazy, so i haven't had time to do annthing, but i'll take anything that's comes my way really, any opporrunity. since her surprise exit thursday... toscano says she's frrm her fans... and says she's focusing on the upcoming "idol" tour. coming up on the early edition... a man charged with killing aa officer ... over a parking space... is found &pguilty....but nottof murder. murder.i think becauss we have a dead officer there was added emphhsis placed on the charges. charges.find out why hiss atttrney's want a new trial. trial. 3
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still to come... the verdict is in ... for the man acccused of killing a cop with a but not of murder. murder.i thinkk ecause we have a dead officer there was added emphasis placed on the charges. charges.why his attornee's are seeking a new trial. trial.and later... chevy is recalling some of it's cars completely off!find out the car ...facing issses. 3
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a man accused of killing a baltimoreecity police office is found guilty of the leass seeious charge he faced... involunttay's a charge that arries a penalty far less than first degree murder. crime and justice reporttr jjy lepola xplains...... how defense attorneys made their cae case
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straight ahead... from the macbbok... to a real book.the new venture steve jobs is undertaking. reason behind cheverolet 33
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3 the latest car recall goes to chevrolet... no good news at the pump.... and as liz macconald explains.... the man behiid idolized company... ost
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3 macdonald.... 3 coming up....a crrzed horse... preaks loose! loose!"running through the street, ruuning through the sidewalk. pind out where tte wild marr paused probbems!
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problems!aftee a foot chass through federal hill... police gilliland, what leddto the helped


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